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Comtrust Eye Hospital was established in 1999 by the highly respected Comtrust Charitable Trust founded by German Missionaries (Basel Mission), which has an unblemished and uninterrupted history of selfless community service in this part of India for well over 150 years. The Hospital has since been providing top quality Eye Care facilities in the region of North Kerala with Hospitals and vision centres in Calicut, Thallasery, Kodiathur and Wayanad. The charitable activities of the Hospital and its community outreach programs are coordinated by the Comtrust Eye Care Society.

Comtrust Charitable Trust has been totally immersed in charitable activities in the field of Education and Medical aid right from its inception. The birth of the Hospital is an offshoot of a long felt need for a well-equipped Eye hospital in the Malabar region which resulted in the Board of Trustees deciding to set up an exclusive Eye Hospital and Research Centre in the city of Calicut. The impetus for its beginning was the discovery of the acute lack of accessible Eye Care in this region and the appalling and sad state of available eye care facilities, especially for the poor. Keeping these two critical requirements in mind, the Comtrust Charitable Trust went about creating this hospital in a very humble way.

The Hospital was inaugurated in February 1999 and the foundation stone was laid by Shri. R. Venkitaraman, former President of India and the formal inauguration was done by Dr. Namperumal Samy of Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, who also gratefully extended all the necessary technical support and guidance during the nascent stages. The Hospital opened its doors with an initial strength of 2 doctors and 15 other staff. Regular camps into rural, areas were organized in order to reach out to the patients who were unable to have any access to high quality eye care facilities.

In a very exciting and eventful span, Comtrust Eye Hospital has grown massively to its present exalted status of over 25 eminent multidisciplinary pool of renowned Doctors and other professional HR assets. Our highly skilled and motivated team of Ophthalmologists and surgeons ably assisted by a highly dedicated staff work tirelessly to achieve our goals of providing superior Eye Care Facilities to all. The hospital works on a not for profit motive and provides the best in quality eye care in a highly professional and technology led environment. The management and administration strives relentlessly to ensure that the most technologically advanced equipment and procedures are made available to all, irrespective of the category of the patients. Almost 60% of the turnover is directed towards providing quality eye care for the poor through the Free Section department.






Comtrust has always strived and been driven to offer the best patient centric eye care services through a system that focuses on provision of superb quality check-up, a strong feedback mechanism and regular and exhaustive internal improvement audits. Our doctors and staff stay regularly updated and trained on the latest advancements in the field of eye care technology so that our patients get the best possible treatment in an environ shaped by a code of respect and responsibility. With continuous and rapid advances in the landscape of science and technology, we strongly believe that we are well poised for further expansion of our strong bouquet of services that can only enhance our record of improved patient outcomes.

Comtrust Hospital plays a stellar role in advocating the powerful belief that prevention of needless blindness and enhancing easy access to quality Eye Care is within the reach of all this remains deeply embedded at the core of our foundation. The overwhelming trust and faith reposed in us by our increasing number of valued patients and our hugely committed and focused HR assets are two strong pillars that are powering brand Comtrust to higher levels.

The Hospital has to its impressive credit approx. 200,000 successful eye surgeries in various departments and continues to chart new frontiers with an average 60-80 operations every day. The Hospital is professionally guided by the Management & continues to lead and establish new benchmarks in its continuous and never ending quest to provide top of the line services in the field of Eye care at an affordable/no cost basis to our patients. This is amply borne by the large volume of Patients who visit us every day making us the leading Eye Hospital in Kerala with an OP flow between 1000-1500/day. We are committed to achieve and maintain excellence in education, research and provision of the Best Eye Care facilities for the benefit of humanity.

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