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The Comtrust Eye Bank, started in August 2000 is a member of the Eye Bank Association of India. A Corneal Transplantation Centre is functioning at the Comtrust Eye Hospital, as per the guidelines of ‘National Programme for Control of Blindness’ under Directorate General of Health Services, Government of India. The Eye Bank has the facility to collect corneas round the clock at the premises of the deceased or at any hospital in and around Calicut. The corneas thus collected are transplanted on the needy patients. We have so far, successfully conducted more than 414 corneal transplantations (up to october 2017).

All the services connected with the Eye Bank including the transplantation are offered entirely at free of cost.

The eye bank is provided with a Toll Free Number (1053) for easy access by the public.

To meet some people who have inspired by donating their eyes through Comtrust Eye Bank., please click on the image