About Comtrust Eye Hospital


Comtrust Eye Hospital belongs to an old and well known Comtrust Charitable Trust. The Trust was promoted by Commonwealth Trust India Ltd which was founded by German Missionaries( Basel Mission) , which has a history of service in this part of India for over 150 years.
Right from its inception in the year 1977, the Comtrust Charitable Trust has been engaged in charitable activities in education and medical aid. Recognizing the need for a well equipped eye hospital in the Malabar region the Board of Trustees decided to set up an exclusive Eye Hospital and Research Centre in Calicut. The hospital was inaugurated in February 1999. The foundation stone of the hospital was laid by Shri R. Venkitaraman, the former President of India and formal inauguration was done by Dr. Namperumal Samyof Aravind Eye Hospital, who extended us all the necessary technical support and guidance in the beginning.

The hospital is managed by the Management Committee headed by General Manager (Admin) and Chief Medical Officer.

The impetus for its beginning was the lack of accessible Eye Care in this region and another lacuna discovered was the appalling situation of eye care for those who were poor. Keeping these two requirements in mind the Comtrust charitable trust went about setting up this hospital in a very humble way. It was started with 2 doctors and only 15 staff in the year 1999.

In a short span Comtrust eye hospital has grown to its present status with the total of 130 doctors and staff. Our highly skilled and motivated team of Ophthalmologists and surgeons work tirelessly along with the dedicated staff to achieve our goals. Our hospital works with no profit motive and provides the best in quality eye care in a highly professional manner. The management and administration ensures that the most technologically advanced equipments and procedures are in use, irrespective of the category of the patients. Almost 60% of hospital’s turnover is utilized for providing quality eye care in free section. This is funded by donation from philanthropist individuals and institutions as well as the surplus from the paying section.


We have always strived to offer our patients the best possible eye care services (technology, procedure) by constant quality check up, feed back and introspection. Our doctors and staff are regularly exposed to the latest advancement in the field of eye care so that our patients can get benefit from them. With advances in science and technology, we believe we have scope for growth and further improvement.

The faith of our patients and our dedicated human resource will surely ensure our Hospital’s progress to attain new heights.